Hi there, I'm Jack.

I create UX / UI design for


Apollo Health

UX / UI Design - 2020

Putting people in touch with medical experts. A fully designed and researched UX project.

Perfect Properties

UX / UI Design - 2021

Finding the perfect home for everybody.

National Lottery

UI Redesign - 2021

Sometimes an app needs a little more love. A visual redesign of a popular app.

UI Challenges

Keep an eye out for new shots.


Understand the problem and the rest will follow.
Human centered and data inspired decisions to create great design.

Design is not a final destination, but an always evolving process.

UX designer with 10 years background in creating online, print and advertising imagery for global markets. Having lived in several metropolitan cities, from New York City to the worlds tech capital, San Francisco, and a jump across the pond to London, my experiences have provided me insights into how different backgrounds and unique cultures engage with design.

Driven by:

Personal and professional growth; to continue to learn and explore.

The belief that anything is possible. Problems will always arise and things don't work out as planned, but one must adjust, move forward and problem solve.

Honesty and authenticity. Listen to others and encourage feedback to guide us.

The process. Watching something grow, transform and progress is art.

The Tools & Skills:


Competitive Analysis | User Interviews | Surveys | Data Analysis
User Personas | User Flows | User Journeys | User Stories
Wireframes & Prototyping
Usability Testing | A/B Testing | Preference Testing
Native & Responsive Design | Basic HTML & CSS 

Things I love:


Let's work together!

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