Hi there, I'm Jack

I create UX / UI design for


SaaS platform behind the world’s leading energy suppliers.

Senior UX / UI / Design Systems
SaaS - B2B - B2C


Europe's largest health and wellness retailer.

Ux/ Ui
E-commerce - Native - Web


London's premier roller skating venue.

Ux /Ui


Just for fun.

Understand the problem and the rest will follow.
Design is not a final destination, but an always evolving process.

Personable and motivated UX/UI designer with a background in graphic arts. Having worked across native apps, web platforms & SaaS to create user focused digital solutions that meet business requirements. Design and product thinking to problem solve and advocate for users.

Having lived in several metropolitan cities, from New York to the worlds tech capital, San Francisco, and a jump across the pond to London, my experiences have provided me insights into how different backgrounds and unique cultures engage with design. As a result, UX has been a natural progression for me, as one of the things I love most about living in different places is learning about and understanding people.


Driven by:

Personal and professional growth; to continue to learn and explore.

The belief that anything is possible. Problems will always arise and things don't work out as planned, but one must adjust, move forward and problem solve.

Honesty and authenticity. Listen to others and encourage feedback to guide us.

The process. Watching something grow, transform and progress is art.

Let's work together!

Jack Kuzniar © 2024

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