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A personal project of an app that I sometimes use. I have often been surprised on how challanging finding info is, the layout, and visual inconsistencies. I felt like it would be a fun challange to give the app a visual redesign and consider how to simplify the user flows.


I don't have information from the buisness on why some choices have been made. There may be legal considerations on why certain things were designed.


National Lottery App Redesign* - Portfolio Project



Mental Models & Flows
Information Architecture

Visual Design
Usability Heuristics


Sketch, Photoshop


1 day

Dashboard Redesign





Checking the Results Redesign







Design Decisions

Overall visual redesign. I decided to keep the overall feel of the original version.  The colors add a fun element and help the user have visual differentiation between the games, but a lot needed to be changed.

I wasn't sure why the cloud image was placed like a block and then just stopped.  It almost seemed like a placer image that someone then forgot something to do with as there isn’t anything else on their site that had clouds.  I did consider just a gentle gradient as background, but it felt a little flat.  I thought I would try a cloud image with a heavy color overlay, in keeping with the original design, and now it felt like the clouds gave a feeling of "reaching for the sky."

Having some out of focus lottery balls with a parallax effect while scrolling would be a nice visual element for the viewer as well, however I would need to test to see if people felt it was distracting.


Consistency. I thought having cards that were a bit more rounded would be more fitting in considering the theme of the lottery ball.  The cards have been changed from being flat to gently graded and shadow added to give the effect of a physical card or ticket, and made consistent with each other.

The card now includes the cost and exactly when the game is closing if you wanted to purchase through the app.  I thought users would appreciate that information upfront rather than having to click into the game for additional information.

I have restructured the games to be in chronological order.  I'm not completely sure the thought process is in regards on how they are originally placed.  It jumps from a game that is at the time of writing tomorrow, Thursday, then smaller cards for Friday and tonight.

Information and visual heuristics. The original app has a pill overlay that shows/hides as you scroll to scan the ticket and check results.  Pressing Check Results gives an overlay with all the games listed and you can only check one type at at time.

The flow for checking results has been simplified. I have updated it so that pressing Check Results will now provide a list with all the games. The ability to search/filter & scan ticket are now clear buttons visible on top.  I recognize that the scan ticket button from the dashboard may be very useful for some, so I would need information on how many users utilize it.  It could potentially be brought back.

Information about the winning games has been condensed to just needed information.  If a user has matching numbers, they can read more about the prize breakdown on the following page.


Include all elements. Another consideration was the addition of a card for the amount of money being donated from tickets.  It has a prominent section on the website but is lacking on the app.

Visual and language clarity. The lottery wants its users to play responsibly.  However this section is easy to miss due to excessive text.  I have updated it to be clear and simple.


Lots more needs fixing. The menu and account separation is very confusing for me and I am not sure of the thought process behind this.  A lot of items could be restructured and consolidated.  For example the Spend and Play settings gives you an additional 7 more pages to select from, each one giving you a single input.

To look at potential solutions, I think it would be important to discuss with the buisness the specific needs in regards to regulations to understand which content could be restructured and consolidated.

*Project revamp is a personal project and not affiliated with the National Lottery

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